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Billy Hood to remain in prison for further six weeks says Abu Dhabi court

Billy Hood to remain in prison for further six weeks says Abu Dhabi court

Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling, has confirmed in a Gulf in Justice Podcast announcement that Billy Hood will need to report to court on the 30th of November.

“The court is now in possession of damning documents that show Dubai police have basically manufactured a case against Billy. This is not the first time and if the British government doesn’t insist things change in the UAE, it won’t be the last”, said Ms Stirling.

“Billy has already spent a horrendous nine months in a Dubai jail notorious for human rights violations after being forced to confess to serious crimes in Arabic. Adding yet another delay to his freedom and the review of his defence evidence is gutting to the family and to Billy. Every day an innocent man spends a day in prison is a travesty.

“Albert Douglas has been locked up for nine months too. He was forced to sign a confession and was beaten by police causing him to be hospitalised to repair his broken bones. Lee Bradley Brown was killed in police custody and yet the British FCDO has done nothing but trade deals. They are essentially complicit by remaining muted over these abuses.”

“The families of Billy Hood and Albert Douglas are calling for increased travel warnings and sanctions against the UAE while the EU parliament voted to boycott Dubai’s expo.

“The families have also appealed to Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum to review the evidence and help these men get home to their families”


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