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Celebrity support increases for grandfather detained in Dubai

A popular ‘Absolutely Ascot’ star issued a call for sixty year old Albert Douglas’s release from a Dubai jail. “Albert Douglas, has been wrongfully imprisoned in an unfair justice System, where he’s been beaten and subjected to countless human rights violations during his detention so far. He needs your help to get home. Please everyone can we get this father/ grandfather back home where he belongs”, Henry said to Detained in Dubai.

Albert’s family are outraged after being told he was beaten when he asked for medication for his heart troubles. Albert told his son Douglas that he goes to sleep fearful that he will be woken in the night, taken from his bed and beaten. “I’m only 60kg, I have health problems and I don’t think I’d survive”, Albert told his son from prison. Albert has been taken from his cell in the middle of the night for interrogations twice in the past week.

There has been significant outrage in the community over the UAE’s treatment of this British Citizen. With prominent public figures like Alfie Best and Claire Sweeney supporting the family’s endeavours to return him home. The family has set up a petition and organised a large demonstration in London on Saturday to call on the FCO to intervene and help bring Albert home.

Albert's grandson, hanging with his favourite 'Absolutely Ascot' star

“Albert’s testimony of severe human rights abuses in the UAE penal system raises the opportunity for the British government to address these violations”, said Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai. “Lee Bradley Brown was killed in police custody with witnesses testifying he was beaten by police, but the investigation was thwarted by Dubai authorities. Our organisation has countless reports of severe violations over the years and a number of victims have spoken out about their treatment. Matthew Hedges and Artur Ligeska have spoken publicly about their experiences in the UAE. The United Kingdom won’t even extradite to the UAE based on the ‘severe risk of human rights violations and torture’, but what has the UK done to protect citizens who are in custody now? “Princess Latifa herself, has testified as to her own torture, beatings and human rights abuses and the United Nations has ruled that she is wrongfully detained. This is our supposed ally. It’s somewhere Britain promotes through trade, commerce and tourism, yet we still see wrongful detentions, forced confessions and severe human rights violations against our citizens”, added Stirling. The family has organised a large demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament (including a moving billboard) at 12:00 on Saturday to support #FreeAlbert and encourage the FCO to help him home. Detained in Dubai has spoken with MP's this week who are keen to escalate the matter. Related items: - Ailing grandfather detained in Dubai for son’s ‘bounced cheques’, desperate for help


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