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Dubai Luxury Property Show Protest for Albert Douglas

#FreeAlbert campaign warned would-be potential future victims of the risks of investing in Dubai.

Albert’s son Wolfgang has been tirelessly advocating for his father’s release. In front of the investment show today, he told onlookers, “We’ve come out today, numerous families from numerous atrocities. It does not matter the volume of investment from the Emirates, it does not matter political favours. There is no reason to allow human rights violations. Nobody deserves to be tortured in captivity, to be beaten while bound, no one deserves to have their human rights stripped away from them. We’re here to bring awareness to everyone in that hotel who is supporting Dubai investments, we’re here to make sure that everyone who walks in that room knows that when you sign on the dotted line, you sign your life away. God bless all the poor families who are suffering because the FCDO hasn’t done their job. God bless all the people that sit in that jail, many arbitrarily, subject to solitary confinement, beatings and torture. Whatever type of government do we have to allow that? I am here and so are so many others here today in numbers, in Knightsbridge to see no to human rights violations, to abuse of power. There is no room for dictatorships to invest in the UK and they shouldn’t be allowed to recruit our investment back.”

Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling, said “the UAE can no longer market luxury property in London without disruption. If the FCDO fails to sufficiently warn citizens of the risks involved in traveling to or investing in Dubai, this message must be sent directly to potential future victims of the Gulf nation.

“The Dubai Luxury Property Show 2021 is marketing more than 10,000 properties and we know from experience that many of those investors will end up losing their life savings, their freedom and even their lives.

“The British government needs to encourage the UAE to modernise their justice system to reflect their skyline, rather than assisting them to cover up the abuses. This has to stop."


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