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Inquest into death of British national in Dubai custody set for October 31st

Albert Douglas calls from prison and relays information pertaining to the brutal killing of Lee Bradley Brown

Inquest into death of British national in Dubai custody set for October 31st. Albert Douglas testimony from prison.

Over a decade later, the trial date for an Inquest into the death of Lee Bradley Brown has finally been set. On the week commencing the 31st of October, a jury will deliberate over whether Lee Bradley Brown’s life was ended by Dubai police.

Listen to Albert Douglas' testimony from prison on Lee Bradley Brown:

“The evidence is compelling”, explained expert witness Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai. “There are multiple witnesses and Dubai’s government has failed to comply with investigations and refused to share the CCTV witnesses' claim will prove beyond doubt that Lee was beaten to death.

“It is of paramount importance that Dubai authorities are held to account. Since the death of Lee Bradley Brown, countless others have been subjected to grave human rights violations and torture. British grandfather Albert Douglas was beaten by police only one year ago, suffering serious head injuries and broken bones.

“Albert reported that he is currently detained with a celmate who alleges to have directly witnessed Lee’s death. In a harrowing phone call, Albert relays the conversation.

“Such drastic and deadly abuse should not be tolerated by the UAE’s allies, by businesses and by celebrities. I sincerely pray that the outcome of this Inquest is determinative and that the UAE is held to account, initiates urgent reform and compensates the victim’s family. Nobody is safe until this happens”.

After Albert Douglas was proven to have been beaten, the British government urged the UAE to address the allegations. Dubai arranged a medical panel to review his injuries but that was seemingly to appease the British government for a moment in time. The board confirmed Albert had been beaten and sustained injuries but did not act further. Albert’s son Wolfgang Douglas has desperately been campaigning for the British government to intervene, “We have called on everyone to get involved. My father should have been released the moment it was revealed that he had been beaten to the point of broken bones. The UAE has no right to hold him. He hasn’t committed any crime and we fear every day that he will be killed. As a family, we have so much sympathy for Lee. Every single detainee in Dubai’s jail wants justice for him”.


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