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Grandad Trapped` In 'Hellhole' Dubai Jail For Crime He Claims He Didn't Commit

British grandad has spoke about some of the things he's seen in a 'hellhole' Dubai prison:

Albert Douglas has claimed that he's watched inmates get raped, tortured and staved of food by the prison guards.

The 60-year-old expat, who is originally from London, was detained earlier this year over a bounced cheque that he claims he did not write.

He was sentenced to two years in prison but now faces another three years over the same 'fraudulent' cheque. This is all despite him saying that forensic tests proved that it wasn't his.

The tycoon spoke to The Sun where he said he'd watched 20-year-old guys get hung upside down and beaten for 'sport'.

Albert also said that prisoners have been forced to drink from a communal toilet and have been subjected to inhumane conditions.

In a voice recording, he explained: "During this time of incarnation, I've seen a man commit suicide and saw another one try to hang himself.

"I've seen a gay man raped and seen the systematic abuse of African and Asian people based purely and simply because of the colour of their skin."

Prior to the legal case coming to the surface, Albert was a millionaire who drove around in a Rolls Royce. He claims he was fined £2.5 million for a bounced cheque that was allegedly linked to his son's failed business.

From there, all of his assets were taken by the government and he says he's spent over £1 million in court costs to try and clear his name.

On top of everything else, Albert has said that the prison has deprived him of the medication he takes for his heart.

He told The Sun: "For five months I've been deprived of my heart medicine and any medical treatment for my injuries.

"My left shoulder is dislocated. I've had three bones broken in my right arm and I've got back injuries."

Human rights lawyer, Radha Stirling of Detained in Dubai, is representing Albert.

She said: "Albert Douglas was beaten by prison guards, denied his heart medication and was forced to suffer inhumane conditions, including drinking from a toilet.

"He has been interrogated, threatened and suffered attempts to force him to confess to a crime he has not committed.

"Albert has maintained that he is innocent throughout, refusing to submit to pressure while putting his life at risk."

LADbible has reached out to the UAE Ministry for Foreign Affairs as well as the UK's Foreign Office.



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